Defining Spirituality!

The term ‘Spirituality’ is an abstract concept that leaves many scratching their heads. We think we know what it is-but do we really? Wikipedia defines spirituality as something that is often experienced as a source of inspiration in life and it can encompass belief in “immaterial realities or experiences of the immanent or transcendent nature of the world.” His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, relates spirituality to those qualities of the human spirit such as; love, compassion, patience, forgiveness, an intrinsic sense of responsibility and harmony. He believes spirituality can be cultivated in each of us and unlike religiosity-spirituality is a tenet we cannot live without. While Einstein may have been revered as one of the greatest scientists in history, his thoughts about spirituality were equally brilliant. He somehow knew that our ‘true spirituality’ and our connection to ‘god’, was not found in our separateness as human beings, but rather in our connection to nature. This fundamental ‘truth’ that we are all really structures of the universe, and therefore inner-connected to other matter around us, is a powerful definition of spirituality. We are all ‘searching’ for something in this life. Some people seem to have a clearer idea of what it is then others.

Here are 3 powerful steps I have discovered in my quest for spirituality:

1. In order to become who we want to be-first we must embrace who we are at this very moment- the key is self-acceptance. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, says that in order to embrace a true understanding of compassion, we must first embrace our suffering. If we are to become spiritual beings, then we must first embrace our ‘humanness.’ In other words, we accept our imperfections on a physical level and know that once we are no longer a physical being, our spiritual being will continue to exist and progress in its own divine journey. We accept the fundamental principal that we are spiritual beings–having a human experience.

2. Be present– Far too many individuals either ruminate about the past or project into the future-mindful presence is a thoughtful process that takes time and commitment to obtain. The time spent learning to be present in the moment is well worth the reward. Learning to be in the moment, means re-training our thoughts, disciplining our minds, and anchoring ourselves in the here-and-now. It means, learning to become aware of each breathing moment and how it affects us.

3. The act of self-compassion becomes the art of self-love. In other words, we must learn to find a deep and profound love for our inner-being. This first begins with surrendering the attachments of the material world we are conditioned to believe in, in lieu of an attachment to our inner-self. It is what I coin “internal life.” It doesn’t mean being narcissistic, but rather believing that we are enough. Sometimes, it can be as simple as giving ourselves a break and not having to have all the answers— it is learning to live in the “in between.” When we learn to live within—we will never live without.

Each human being’s spiritual journey is as unique as their foot print. We cannot judge other’s paths against our own. While at times, it is far too easy to compare ourselves and our evolution with those around us—know this my friends—when it is time for your spirit to awaken, it will. We all have lessons to learn here on this dimension. Trust your core being and know if YOU chose these lessons, then you also chose the time for these lessons to be revealed. Be patient and learn to master the art of living in the moment. When we are living in the moment, then we are truly living a spiritual life.

Stages of Ascension

Beloved friends, Archangel Michael encouraged me to write the below recap of the STAGES OF ASCENSION for several reasons: first, for those who are more advanced, to refresh your memory and provide more clarity to the process. Second, as guidelines for those who are on the Path but who are still endeavoring to release, rectify and transmute the many imbalances within the physical, mental, emotional and astral bodies. Third, to provide more understanding and encouragement for those who are fairly new to the wisdom teachings for the New Age of En-Lighten-ment and the process of ascension.

Dearest hearts, no matter where you are on the Path of Ascension, endeavor to envision a future filled with hope and promise.  Never before have we had such a grand opportunity to reclaim our Divine estate as a cocreative Self-master in the material planes of existence.  We have opened and prepared a path for you to follow. All you have to do is answer the call, and then follow the nudgings of your Soul Self. You will not be led astray.  We, as your sisters and brothers on the path before you, are always in our Pyramids of Light, cheering you onward and upward.  Eternal Love and angel blessings, Ronna




STAGE ONE: We gradually tune into and begin to listen to the small voice of our conscience (our embodied Soul Self), and we begin the process of healing and harmonizing our Emotional Nature. We slowly allow our Soul Self to become the guide and director of our life’s experiences instead of the ego desire body. We begin the process of upgrading and refining our Emotional Body consciousness, which can be painful and challenging, but also rewarding and enlightening.

STAGE TWO: As we begin to delve more deeply into our subconscious minds, we initiate the process of aligning our emotional will with that of our Higher Self-OverSoul and Divine Will.  Our main mantra/affirmation becomes “Thy Will be done for the greatest good of all.” As we learn that we are electromagnetic, energetic Beings, we come to the understanding that we are constantly radiating energetic thought forms out into the world around us. Then we must experience these positive or negative thought forms as events/situations composed of the same frequencies. Our personal world is constantly rearranging itself to fit our current picture of reality. Through trial and error, we begin to understand the Laws of Cause and Effect or Karma.  We also gain an understanding of and begin to actively use the Universal Laws of Manifestation as we slowly refine our abilities as cocreators on the earthly plane of existence.  With new awareness, confidence and trust in the workings of the universe, we gradually relinquish control at an emotional level to our Higher Self, for we now understand that it is our Divine Birthright to enjoy the love, beauty and bounty of our Father/Mother God. We also understand that our Higher Self sees things from a higher vantage point and will always direct us toward the best outcome.

STAGE THREE: As we move a little higher on the ladder of ascension, we also learn to view the events in our lives from a higher vantage point. We have gone through the painful process of breaking or healing all past agreements with those with whom we have experienced karmic interaction so that we may sever any remaining energetic cords between us. We lovingly forgive and ask forgiveness so that each of us may, once again, become sovereign Beings. By healing and transmuting the probable futures we have created in our many past lifetimes’ experience, we move into the future without the heavy burden of past Karma.

Over time and after a lot of Soul-searching and processing, we gradually strive for and gain Emotional Detachment.  We love more deeply and compassionately as we begin to look for and see the best in everyone around us. We gradually embrace the concept of “we and group consciousness” versus the ego-driven concept of separation, “me versus everyone else.” We have learned to see our tests and challenges as opportunities for growth instead of punishment and bad luck. As a result, our Emotional Body consciousness begins to resonate to much higher, more harmonious, vibrational frequencies. We are now ready to focus our attention on refining, uplifting and harmonizing our Mental Body.

STAGE FOUR: At this stage, our OverSoul-Higher Self begins to take a more active role in our transformation process, as our Soul Self slowly integrates the higher frequencies (attributes, qualities and virtues) of our OverSoul Self.  We begin the process of reviewing our beliefs, habits and the quality of our mental awareness.  We re-evaluate the major judgments and attitudes that have been handed down by our elders as well as by the cultural, religious and governmental leaders as we gradually move out of and beyond the mass consciousness belief patterns of the lower astral planes.

STAGE FIVE: As we refine the frequency patterns of our Mental Body, we slowly gain access to our Sacred Mind and the treasure chest of higher mental consciousness that is stored therein. Our Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart become unified with our OverSoul-Higher Self as the guiding influence in our spiritual quest.  We become more tolerant of other people’s beliefs as we learn that there are many paths to follow; however, we are now aware that all paths will ultimately lead to the same destination.  We learn to be discerning as to what we will accept as our truth, and we only accept those truths that resonate positively within our Sacred Core Being. We begin to expand our horizons of thought, and many will develop a desire to learn more about our spiritual origins, why we are on Earth, what is our mission/purpose for this lifetime and what happens to us after we transcend?

STAGE SIX: As we lift the frequencies of our Mental/Emotional bodies, our chakra system begins to spin much faster and in a harmonious fashion. This results in an ignition or activation of the etheric Tube of Light that runs along the spinal column, up through the Medulla Oblongata (the ascension chakra) into the Sacred Mind and out the Crown Chakra.  The coiled energy called Kundalini, which contains the Sacred White Fire Seed Atoms of Creator Light called Adamantine Particles, begins to flow up the spinal column.  The portals to the Sacred Heart have opened so that we now are receiving Adamantine Particles of Light via the back portal of our Sacred Heart, as well as a downward flow via our Crown Chakra, and a upward flow of Kundalini Fire along our Sacred Rod of Power/Light. This process will be speeded up and magnified if we use the gift of conscious breathing, such as the Infinity Breath or other deep breathing techniques.

STAGE SEVEN: We have learned to HEAL THE PAST and SCRIPT OUR FUTURE so that we can focus on the ETERNAL “NOW” MOMENT.  We have  merged our physical intellect with the spiritual wisdom of our OverSoul-Higher Self–which means we not only understand and accept the many higher spiritual truths we have learned, but we have also integrated them. We are gradually attuning to the more advanced and expanded guidelines for the future. As we do so, we will send forth the higher frequency Seed thoughts for the New Age into our Flower of Life / Wheel of Creation, so that we may radiate them forth out into the world.

As we draw forth more and more vibrational frequency patterns from lower planes of the fifth-dimension, our Soul Song becomes attuned to and resonates with much higher vibrational frequencies also. This sets off a CELESTIAL CLARION CALL for the compatible facets of our Higher Self to begin the process of slowly moving into alignment within our personal column of Light. The downloading of the Sparks of our Higher Self with our resident Soul Self begins to accelerate at this point, and our progress on the ascension path will greatly accelerate also.  We are now ready to move into the Flow of the River of Life, and we know we will be guided and directed as we begin to FOLLOW SPIRIT WITHOUT HESITATION.

STAGE EIGHT: We are becoming comfortable with our new State of Being and our new way of viewing the world. We value our solitude, as we delve deeper and deeper into our Sacred Beingness. Each day we  have learned to function naturally as a Living Meditation and a Living Prayer, as we stay firmly centered within our Sacred Heart. The earthly illusion now has minimal effect on us; however, our loving compassion has grown to embrace all Beings and all Creation.

TRANSFORMATION OF THE PHYSICAL VESSEL: Our physical bodies are also affected dramatically during each stage of our AWAKENING, and the symptoms of ascension can be exhilarating as well as uncomfortable or even painful at times.  My booklet, THE EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY * SYMPTOMS OF ASCENSION, goes into great detail about the many symptoms of ascension and also gives suggestions as to how to more easily traverse the dramatic changes and chaos of transformation with the assistance of our friends of the higher realms. The booklet is available on my website:  under the Books Section.

Reiki Now an Accepted Healing Technique in Many U.S. Hospitals

The healing art of Reiki, once quarunteened and ostresized far from western mainstream collective consciousness, is now growing in popularity and acceptenace in hospitals throughout the once uninterested United States as the American medical community is beginning to understand the effectiveness of the treatments and also the increase in post Reiki patient satisfaction. Today, many U.S. hospitals now include Reiki in their patient services.

A research study performed at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut concludes Reiki treatments have improved patient sleep by 86 percent, reduced pain by 78 percent, reduced nausea by 80 percent, and reduced anxiety during pregnancy by 94 percent. 75% of the patients who participated in the study also said that they would “definitely want service again”, as reported by the U.S. paper USA Today in September 2012.

Over 800 hospitals now offer Reiki as a regular part of patient services in the United States. Following is a sample of the hospitals offering Reiki healing services and this number is expected to continue to grow as once seemingly unpenatrable western consciusness structures open and broaden as we continue our journey through the age of information. For a larger list and more documentation visit;

Energetic Protection

As the 12:12:12 gateway brings intense energies of purification, many of you will experience the final stages of rebirth. Remember, YOU ARE ASCENDING. This is what you have been internally waiting for, the cosmic gateway alignment that brings your liberation right before rebirth. The final phase can be the most challenging as you become the crystalline exalted angelic human.

Many will experience psychic attacks or what appears to be, as the 4th dimension is collapsing into the 3rd dimensional reality. This is creating a magnified intensity wave of encroaching vibrations for the release of negative counter energies to the Light, karma and healing for the upcoming 12:12:12 and Dec 21st galactic gateways. Know the 5th to the 12th higher dimensions are also becoming more apparent and merged in the 3rd dimension. This can counteract the intensity of lower dense energies to higher angelic vibrations from the Light Ships that will activate your ancient spiritual gifts.

It is extra important now to be aware and fully present in your body consciousness to discern what you expose your energies to. As your cells of Light are being activated to the angelic crystallized human, your Divine Original Blueprint, you will go through times of heightened sensitivity and vulnerability. And at the same time there is increased purification and mass consciousness clearing. Do what is necessary to protect, Love and nurture yourself during these times.

What is psychic attack? The projection and intent of negative energies, conscious or unconscious, to inflict harm upon you.

Attacks from your own nature, thought form release feels like psychic attack.

The 4th Dimension Collapsing is increasing the purification of your energy bodies where you are addressing your own creations and releasing deep outmoded thought forms and emotions. Sometimes it can feel like a physic attack; this can also occur if you are a Blue Ray Transmuter as when you go into an area where thought forms or spirits need release. What happens is they see your Light and are wishing for release; if this occurs, open a portal of divine Light to Source and send them in Love and compassion, and in no entanglements or attachments. You can also ask the Holy Spirit Christ Light and the angels to take them.

Make sure before you open a portal that you are in divine alignment. You can put yourself in an angelic Light portal of sacred geometry, call on an archangel chamber of Love-Light-healing and protection first. If this is happening to you then it is more than likely you are a Blue Ray Transmuter and this is part of your spiritual purpose innate within you. 13

Symptoms of psyche attack, entity attachment and / or that your energy field is too open and exposed:

(Note: You may want to consider consulting a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension; and though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.)

Jealousy and envy directed toward you

Thoughts and feelings that come out of nowhere of dread and negativity

Like you just stepped into a dark energetic vibration

Being with someone or somewhere where you feel your life force is being drained

Sudden anxiety

Not feeling yourself

Bad dreams

Wanting to argue or defend yourself when you are usually not like that

Unable to concentrate

Being scattered / unable to complete daily tasks

Low energy and depression; take notice especially, empath supersensitives, that you do not have lost souls and spirits in your field; get cleared

Suddenly doubting your path and soul’s purpose; be aware when you feel this way after watching certain movies or TV shows and with certain people

Psychic Protection and Important to Remember 4th Dimension Collapsing

In the past it was easier to keep blocking old emotions and traumas, separation from spirit; now the crystalline sound frequency is so high it is breaking the karmic collective from your bodies and systems. And many times you are vibrating at such a divine frequency of Light that you activate the fear and wounded nature in others without your knowing and their unhealed parts can attack you.

Remember to not get into entanglements and attachments with others who are projecting and saying negativity toward you. By engaging in negativity with them or thinking it, you are allowing yourself to be involved in their entanglement that can allow cords to attach to you.

What you can do. Say aloud or to yourself: 

At the highest point where my soul met God at the point of Creation, I release you in peace, I return our connection to the most benevolent cause and highest divine plan of Love and Light. Thank you.”

Earth Shift 12:12:12 Gateway Take Note

Keep your aura and energy fields strong and healthy. It is more difficult to penetrate any type of aura that is strong in the Light and Love frequency and resonating to your core signature vibration.

  • If you have an addiction, get it healed and cleared as this is an open door for negative energies and entities.

    Become even more empowered in trusting yourself and in your body awareness of knowing when to react and when to let go. Part of your healing and karmic release will be when to speak up in clarity and other times to walk away from conflict.

  • Stay away from negative environments and people.
  • Keep your thoughts positive and do not judge yourself when you don’t; forgive yourself and move on. Say often, “I Love myself, thank You God, I let it go.”
  • Daily basis and throughout the day, say empowering intentions, prayers, positive thoughts and affirmations.
  • Be Love, project Love to all life; put yourself in Christ’s Heart-Love bubble.
  • Merge with your Christ self and ask for the Rose Ray of Creation to hold your divine original blueprint in complete integrity.
  • Staying in divine alignment assures you are in your body, in present time, and all your parts are working as a team for your highest good. Ask your higher self to put you in divine alignment.
  • Very important to laugh and play. Joy is an instant healer as are higher divine sound frequencies and music.
  • Mutated, harmed animals and products may now cause a negative reaction within you like a psychic attack and / or may cause you to be depressed or anxious.
12:12:12 Blue Ray Archangel Michael Master Ascension Clearing Codes

Power of the Blue Ray, Archangel Michael, please bring ascension upgrades of sovereign Grace and Master Healing Clearing through my I Am Presence now;


Sacred Rose Ray, hold me in complete energetic integrity of my Divine Original Blueprint and in divine alignment in perfect divine timing;
Violet Fire, consume and transmute all not of God’s desires

Clearing DNA Genetic Soul Reversals in the Body

Touch God Code points of 3rd eye and higher heart to make divine alignment and say, “I come into divine alignment with my soul now.”

Touch Gaia point which is at solar plexus and 3rd eye till energy shifts

Clear and transcend to Light all attachments, entanglements, reversals, emotions, all frequencies and energies.


“Clear all lingering savior, victim martyr roles, crucifixion codes, revenge, guilt, shame, fear, unworthiness, all frequencies and energies.” Breathe deeply to let go, and hold points till energy shifts.


“Strengthen my alliance to the greatest benevolent right action of my I Am, perfect well being and highest divine plan of Love and Light now!

Both hands at higher heart

Whatever and wherever in me that is still holding on, attached, in fear, in illusion, in an illusionary dream to this situation, person or place, in any time space, realm, other existences, parallel universes, reality, known or unknown, I acknowledge, Love, forgive, honor, release, transcend, transmute all not of the divine Love of my higher self soul essence now.


Energy drains, psychic leaks, psychic cords, all cords and ties, sub personalities, unloved parts, unresolved issues, lingering pain, confusion, trauma, trapped parts, unfinished karma, contracts, vows, oaths, I let them go, fully released in Supreme Divine Love completely to Source God Creation never to return to me in this way again.”


Beloved Archangel Michael, Power of the Blue Ray, God, clear all attachments, entities, spirit attachments, thought forms, negative belief systems, all remnants and remains, cellular DNA, with special teams of angelic Light, and take all living humans and any beings of any kind who would intend to do me harm, drain and take my energy. Please find all lost spirits of any kind around me and take them home being fully released to Source God Creation never to return to me in this way again, and close, repair and restore all open doorways where I was vulnerable to this and infuse with my higher self source connection in divine Love now. Thank you.


I honor my true Core Essence and command my sovereign rights of Supreme Divine Love and complete emotional healing through the Holy Spirit Shekinah dispensation of the Rose Ray back into every cell of my body and being.”


“Place me in an Archangel Diamond Chamber of Love, Light, Healing and Protection and do what is necessary to make this healing complete and whole; align, balance, strengthen and seal my aura, all my energy fields, a thousand times a thousand-fold, in God’s perfect harmonic frequency now in my body, being and life with no entanglements and attachments.


I am free, I am liberated, I am complete and I am whole; it is done. And so It Is. Thank you!

2012 – The Phenomenon

As channeled through Emmanuel Dagher
Energy Forecast – The 2012 Phenomenon

Blessings miraculous friend,
Can you feel the global unity vortex building? We’ve officially passed through the doorway to higher consciousness and our collective paradigm is mirroring it right back to us at lightning speed. Although getting here definitely had its ups and downs (and still feels quite challenging at times), soon we’ll be able to unpack our belongings and finally get the opportunity to settle into our very new realities.
What’s coming up for us energetically on the near horizon will feel inspiring, supportive, and new, yet with a hint of familiarity that will awaken within us a sense that we are finally home. This sense of being at home within ourselves and our surroundings has been something many of us have yearned to experience for lifetimes, so these new energies aligning with us and bringing us closer to this feeling are sure to be welcomed with open arms.
We’re definitely on the verge of an epic homecoming. The sense I personally get about it all is that it seems as if a thousand-year-old drought is finally coming to an end, and everything that had once been barren and dry will become replenished and lush again. A big part of our global revival is a direct result of our collective consciousness moving out of lack mentality and back into our hearts where abundance mentality resides.

If we are noticing feelings of being scattered, exhausted, irritated, emotional, angry, or off balance in any way right now, it’s just our mind integrating with our very new realities. When the mind feels it is ‘losing’ something, it works overtime to do everything in its power to hold on to what it thinks it’s losing. Right now, more than ever, is an excellent time to set the intention daily to truly remind ourselves that we are far greater than just our thought patterns, mind and experiences. We are spiritual and infinite beings having a physical experience, rather than physical beings having a spiritual experience.
Because we are going through so many daily changes and shifts, it’s easy for the mind to go into fight or flight mode, because it doesn’t really know what to do. So, it’s important to continue being gentle with ourselves through our integration process so that we can remain fluid and flexible with the changes happening all around us. I know this suggestion can feel like a tall order to ask for, especially with the combination of the Full Solar Eclipse that occurred in mid November, the Full Moon/Partial Eclipse at the end of November, the heightened Solar Storms ejecting massive amounts of light into our planet, the December 12th energy portal, and of course the December 22nd Solstice. Should I keep going? <smile>
There’s so much going on all at the same time and it can feel overwhelming, being drenched with so much energy all at once. However, we are very resilient and we called this experience forth fully knowing we could handle bringing forth our new heart-centered realities. It’s quite heroic if you think about it and leaves me in awe and humility every time I contemplate and realize what we’ve been able to achieve already in such a short amount of time (speaking in non-linear time.) We’ve made such huge strides forward in our personal and global consciousness, even though at times it can get clouded with all the outside noises and distractions.
So, now more than ever it’s imperative we rest when we feel guided to, and really be good to ourselves and others through this transitional time. Choosing to be gentle with ourselves will most definitely make it easier for us to navigate through all the changes occurring in our lives and all around us. There’s just no denying the fact that our very new realities are unfolding divinely.
The 2012 Phenomenon

To get a clear perspective of where we find ourselves today, let’s take a moment to reflect back to two years ago, then to this time last year. Have things changed for us or have they stayed the same? Are we still the same exact person we were with the same awareness level, or are we different? For the most part, if we are being honest with ourselves, we’ve probably noticed that we’ve become a more refined and authentic version of who we used to be. At times it may not feel that way, because we find ourselves a bit more sensitive than we used to be, but this is definitely part of us becoming more refined to knowing what is, or is not, in alignment with who we really are.
As we look back at the year 2012, it’s clear that it has truly been the year that catapulted global awakening from being just an idea to an actual reality. There’s a divine emergence snowballing from our personal lives to areas of wellness, community, education, nutrition, leadership, technology, monetary systems, religion, climate, sustainability and more, and this is happening faster than ever. This emergence will continue to expand much more as we move forward.
Letting Go of Misconceptions

There’s a great misconception out there that at the end of 2012 the world will physically end. It’s easy to really buy into this way of thinking, because again the mind has a tendency of going to the worst case scenarios when it can’t really wrap itself around a certain idea, experience or concept. Any focus on the doom and gloom scenario is simply unnecessary and moves us out of our true power. There will be no physical ‘end’ in the way many fear-based theories have proclaimed would happen.
What’s Really Happening? The Divine Alignment

What’s really happening is that since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, which planted a powerful seed to higher ways of being, this has come to full fruition with the pinnacle being the date December 21st, 2012. On this day an astrological alignment also known as The Galactic Alignment will serve as a powerful doorway for humanity to step into higher states of consciousness. It has nothing to do with fear-based projections that the world is ending. It has everything to do with ushering in a new way of being and living where we as a collective group can start operating from our hearts in everything that we do.
This Divine Alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years, and was what the ancient Maya were using as reference with the end-date of their Long Count Calendar. That’s where many‘end of time’ theories began, having nothing to do with what the Mayans were actually saying, rather launching false fear-based ideas that could maybe make a few extra dollars for a select few.
Scientifically speaking, the Galactic Alignment is simply the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, and because everything is energy, everything in the Universe will feel the impact of this Galactic Alignment.
Spiritually speaking, this once in a lifetime Divine alignment is going to serve as a powerful doorway for humanity to step into allowing higher states of consciousness to unfold. The energy we intentionally co-create on this special day will integrate into our collective experience gently over the next few years in a manner similar to the 1987 Harmonic Convergence that took place. That’s why it’s so important to bring awareness to this day, not because we’re going to see anything crazy or out of the ordinary, but rather so that we can use the energy of this day to gather millions around the world with a similar vision of love and unity so that we can make it our ultimate reality even more quickly.
So, it’s important to release the attachments we may be holding onto that something drastic is going to happen overnight on this specific day, or that something outside of ourselves is going to fix or save us. This day simply serves as a day where we can choose to create a turning point in our global being-ness moving us into a higher state of consciousness. This is what we and our ancestors have been working towards and holding the space for all these years, and now it’s here.
Miraculously yours,

Building your Light Temple

As channeled through Goldenlight
Greetings we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron

We wish to speak to you today of building your sacred temple within the 5th dimensional frequency. During this time preceeding the merging of the 3D vibrational reality with the 5th and 6th dimensional vibrational realities, it is suggested and encouraged that you begin to build, create, and envision your 5th dimensional Pillar of Light within your Personal Temple. This will be the cornerstone and foundation of your New Earth Home, your hearth of love and light so to speak, which will nurture and sustain you and those with whom you live within the new higher dimensional reality into which you are all shifting. This pillar of light originates from Source, pouring love and light down through your Higher Self into your 5D temple of love and light and into your higher dimensional chakras – the newly activating Chakras 8 through 12 – and finally then bringing the light into your once-carbon based body which is now transforming into a crystalline based body. Your bodies, just as the 3D reality, are holograms which which are transmuting and transitioning into crystalliine form; this crystalline form then resonates with the 5th and 6th higher dimensional frequencies as well as the crystalline grid within mother earth, your dearest Gaia, and is the vibrational structural source of much of life in the 5th and 6th dimensions.

To practice building your Temple of Light, sit quietly, and tune into your Higher Self. Close your eyes, come into your body, and simply say “I Connect with My Higher Self, Please Connect With Me.” You are then connected in. Many of you will connect even further with your source energies, etc. This channel connects in with her Council of Angels and with her Source before beginning any such meditations. You can connect with source in the same manner and with intention and Love. After connecting in, then, begin to visualize in your mind this beautiful temple of light, this hearth of love in your new Home in the 5th dimensional New Earth, which vibrates at the higher rate into which your body and reality are now coalescing into, as time is an illusion of 3D reality and is now raising in vibration to meet these higher dimensional energies. This is all happening in the NOW. Focus, now, upon this beautiful hearth of light and love, this beautiful temple which you have already created, you are simply just tuning into….this love light streams in from the source, connecting through your Higher self, and bringing its warm, eternal fire, and golden light into your hearth which can be much like a hearth or “fireplace” found in your current Earth homes, or it can be more elaborate such as a golden pavillion temple with much ornate cornices, swirls and twirls, golden shimmering diamond particles of light surrounding it and enveloping it with the beautiful energy of the Source Creator. This hearth or temple can be as simple or elaborate as you like, and is completely your creation. It can be a small area within your home or a separate elaborate structure attached to or near your home. Each City of Light on the New Earth will also have a Temple of Light within which each being can be nourished, rejuvenated, and bask in the healing loving energies of light and love within each sanctuary. Each home in the New Earth will have such a glowing hearth or temple which emanates the light and love of the Source and ever reminds you of your connection to Source, your connection to your Higher Self, and your connection to Love and Light. This will allow you in your new earth life to remember much more easily that you are ever connected to Source, Love, Light, and your Higher Self. This allows your memories to evermore hold in place, then, your strong connection to this beautiful energy of love and light, as all may have their own Temple of Light within their New Earth Homes.

We leave you today with this vision and meditation exercise. We see all of you having such beautiful lives, beautiful and peaceful homes, within your New Earth home, and are so excited for you that you may exist in this new way, ever-knowing that you are loved, connected to your higher self, and connected to source. Your lives are a most beautiful creation and emanation from the source and we bless you in harmony, love and light in creating this new Temple of Light in each of your new earth 5th dimensional homes.

You are all bringing in this new Heaven on Earth now, and are each such an important part of this integration of this new higher dimensional frequency on, within, and around your planet at this time. Mother earth, dearest Gaia, is ascending along with you and is the great Receiver, Holder, and Transmitter of these higher dimensional frequencies of Love and Light.

With the softest of love and light to you.

Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron.

Copyright The Golden Light Channel, Please include this copyright when reposting this message.

Very Profound Message from Lord Metatron!

Profound Message from Lord Metatron – Ascension and Transmutation Changes in the Physical Human Body – Laurie Gilmore 11/21/12

As channeled through Laurie Gilmore
“I Am Metatron. I have been asked to serve by dictating information that will assist you in moving through the transitions that are ahead for the planet and all life on the planet during the ascension.
This planet, and all species of life on the planet are in the process of ascension. Ascension means that all first and second dimensional lifeforms will “move up” to third dimensional lifeforms. Humans, or third dimensional lifeforms, will graduate to either fourth dimensional worlds or fifth dimensional oneness depending on their level of evolution and their intent.
The ascension is occurring now as a step by step progression, and will continue one way or another, for that is the will of all. Normally, planets and the species of life incarnate on the planet are ascended via cataclysmic disasters that usher in a death-resurrection cycle.
In this cycle, as was demonstrated by Christ, disasters create planetary death. Because this is the way ascension usually occurs, it is known and understood very well at the level of the Universal Mind. That is why, since ancient times, there have been prophecies of terrible destruction to occur at end times.
The Resurrection Cycle ( Resurrection Dispensation ) Now is the Ascension, where all life begins anew, at a new level of consciousness in a Higher Dimensional World. This does not mean reincarnation, for that carries the concept of Karma with it, and before ascension can become a probability, all Karma must be cleared. It does not mean existence only as a spirit in celestial worlds, ascension is also physical.
As a process, it changes the physical body while merging the body and the spirit into one being. This being is a perfected being of light, in a physical body of light.
This ascension progression actually began thousands of years ago, with the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.
The story of Moses leading his people out of bondage is a metaphor for the ascension progression. The incarnation of Jesus was a major turning point for the process because as an Avatar, Jesus was capable of taking on the “sins” or Karma of all humans and transmuting that energy to light.
Because of his redemption, a gentle ascension became possible. This ascension, evolves through a series of steps, until a state as a light being becomes possible. The redemption of Christ was the beginning step of the Light Body progression. This first step took nearly two thousand years to complete.
Light Body was introduced as an experiment in 1988, only seven months after Harmonic Convergence.
It is an experiment because an ascension has never been attempted this way. This method, both a graduated increase of light within the physical bodies of all lifeforms and the planet and an increase in the vibratory level, has never been attempted before in ANY ascending universe.
There are theories within the Universal Mind about how that process will work out, but at times the results have differed from the anticipated. In these cases revisions are made. As a foundation for the information I will give later, I must explain the Light Body progression to you.
You must understand this process first at a personal level. This personal level is how Light Body will affect you physically, emotionally and mentally. Then I will give information on how Light Body will affect the planet and how it will affect the structures of your society.
I consider the most important and exciting aspect of Light Body to be that this experiment transforms your physical shell into an appropriate vehicle to merge completely with your higher self, and happens concurrently with the physical process.
This merging is created by a series of descensions of spirit, which are timed by the amount of light you are holding within your cells. The amount of light held by the physical cells is keyed to the level of Light Body, and the higher the level, the less dense the body.
The more light you hold in your physical body, the greater the level of spirit you can contain within the body. Toward the end of the Light Body process, just proceeding the shift into ascension, you will merge completely with your Higher Self. The descensions of spirit are the mechanisms used to bring in, or turn on, the spiritual gifts of the ascended masters.
Light Body has twelve levels or steps, and as each step is completed the changes that have occurred physically must be integrated in all areas of the life and the spirit.
Light Body is designed to bring up all your human issues as you progress, and each higher level brings up a deeper layer to the issues than the layer before it.
This is to assist you in becoming clear mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As the issues emerge, you may allow Christ’s redemption to transmute it for you. There is a void space at the end of each Light Body level that we call ego death, and it may manifest as depression or a sense of nothingness.
This void is to be used as a rest stop before you continue your journey. This void is an energetic place where nothing exists, and you are able to build a new picture of yourself and your life before you move to the next step. The void is an integration chamber, or perhaps I could describe it as a cocoon, where you can rest and form the beautiful butterfly you are to become in your next step.
The first six steps of Light Body were structured for gradual change at all levels with regular spiritual awakenings interspersed with the physical, mental and emotional changes. From seventh level through tenth level Light Body the progress changes and is focused on one area of your experience at a time.
For example, in seventh level most of you experienced your first descension of spirit, and a noticeable spiritual awakening with it. You may have manifested clairvoyance, clairaudience, or a kinesthetic awareness of energy with the awakening. I am discussing this level in the past tense, because currently the planet is shifting into the beginning of ninth level.
It is a very painful experience to be at a lower vibratory rate than the planet you exist on, which is the case for those who are below eighth level. Because you are reading this article, I am certain you would be somewhere between the void of late eighth level, to eleventh level in the Light Body progression.
You would not have an interest in spiritually oriented literature if you were in the lower levels. Eighth level Light Body creates body changes in some extreme ways.
Physical symptoms similar to viral syndromes are very common. During this level, you may have noticed that you caught a cold once a month.
Other symptoms are headaches (behind the eyes) as the optic nerve pathways for light are turned on and the pineal gland becomes activated. You may have earaches, air pressure changes, itching inside the ears, as your hearing structures are rewired to decode light transmissions, and excessive perspiration or diarrhea as you drop density from the cells of your body.
One perspective on these changes is that you are adding a third physical strand to your D.N.A. For some, the body may resist the density drop because of the descensions of spirit. A symptom of that resistance is weight gain.
Human bodies have a tendency to try to cope with descensions by becoming bigger to contain the spiritual mass coming into it.The only effective way to stop the weight gain once it has started, is physical exercise.
I mean very hard exercise such as weight lifting, bicycling, running, or swimming. The exercise must be sufficient to begin building muscle mass. Creating muscle mass will protect your nervous system, for the energies coming in with each descension is much stronger than your nervous system is accustomed to.
Adipose tissue cannot protect the nervous system as muscle does by accepting the overflow from the nervous system. Adipose tissue will “fry” as these energies overflow, and the result is damage to the insulin receptors within the cells. This throws the metabolism out of balance, and the result is weight gain.
The muscle mass created by exercise will take the overload from the nervous system, and will convince the body consciousness that it is “big enough” to hold the spirit. You may begin to notice flashing colors on your inner screen, geometric equations moving through your mind, or hear a hum. This is the beginning of the translation facility, and will allow you to turn light code into cognitive understanding and comprehension.
The grids around the planet constantly transmit messages to the life forms incarnate on the planet. These messages come through in a form called light packets, and are coded. I call it “light code”. This information must be “decoded” or converted to conscious thought, so you can understand it and use it in your life. These messages are designed to give instruction, and to explain what is occurring energetically at the higher dimensional frequencies.
If you are a sensitive who can hear the hum, a sharp tone, buzzing, please acknowledge this to your guides. They are trying to assist you to get the light code transmissions, but they cannot verify that you hear it unless you respond.
Your guides will try to assist you by turning up the volume and frequency of the audible light code until they see a response from you.
The light code as a hum, can become very annoying and even physically uncomfortable. If you are experiencing this symptom, “ask” your guides to turn down the volume and calibrate the frequency so it will not be irritating or debilitating for you.
These eighth level changes can take up to two years for a human. It has taken three years for the planet.
Ninth level is about integrating the spiritual changes from seventh level and the physical changes of eighth into your physical life. In ninth level, relationships are your focus, for it is through relationships that you test yourself and the changes that have been wrought within you.
You may find that any relationship based on control or manipulation becomes intolerable, and many relationships end during this phase. You may also find that your work in the world changes as you integrate your new identity. The void of ninth level Light Body can be very painful, for after so much focus on relationships, this void requires you to ultimately be alone with yourself.
After all, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you have, is it not? Ninth level ends (and sometimes begins) with fairly massive descensions, giving you yet another relationship to integrate as a part of your process.
At the beginning of tenth level, life feels new, and you may feel newly born and very tender. Tenth level is the beginning of the spiritual awakening that will lead to your mastery of the abilities that mark the spiritual masters and adepts. These abilities, or gifts of the spirit, will become stronger as you become energetically clearer.
In tenth level the focus will be on manifesting these spiritual gifts, and then integrating the gifts fully so they are usable in your physical, everyday life. Your greatest natural spiritual gift will be the first to manifest in tenth level, and your other gifts of the spirit will open later in a gradual way.
You will be required to live by your spiritual gifts. If you are clairvoyant, for example, you must make decisions by what you perceive clairvoyantly – not by what you perceive physically. Your clairvoyance will literally overtake your physical sight during tenth level. You may notice one day that you are very clearly seeing three curbs and sidewalks.
Deciding where to place your foot may be very confusing. You will be seeing the physical curb and sidewalk, the etheric curb and sidewalk, and the fourth dimensional curb and sidewalk. If you rely completely on your clairvoyance, not the physical sense of sight, you will know where to step. If you use the physical sense of sight you may trip a few times in a public place.
Eventually you will learn how to process this type of vision. The process of becoming clear is one of releasing stored energy from the emotional body and the mental body, and relocating that energy to the spiritual body where it becomes usable, through which miracles are created.
The only difference between an Avatar and an ordinary man is the location of the energy held within the energy bodies. An ordinary man has all his energy “locked-up” in stored emotions and memories in the emotional body, and beliefs, dogmas and thoughts in the mental body.
The ordinary man has a flat spiritual body, for there is no energy to spare from the demands of the emotion
s and thoughts. An avatar has clear emotional and mental bodies. All the energy held within an Avatar’s subtle bodies, is stored in the Spiritual Body.
For a Master, the energy associated with emotion flows into the emotional body from the spiritual body IN THE MOMENT, and is released to the spiritual body once the emotional stimulus has ended. The energy associated with a thought flows from the spiritual body to the mental body, and then is released to the spiritual body as the thought is completed.
This leaves an Avatar’s energy free, to use according to his will. The spiritual energy is available to an avatar because it is not consumed by thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and memories. This is the energetic structure each of you must create in your energy bodies, during tenth and eleventh level Light Body. This will allow each of you to perform miracles such as manifesting thought into physical reality.
Eleventh level of Light Body is a natural progression from tenth, and many times the transition is so easy, the shift isn’t noticed. The spiritual abilities continue to grow, and the physical body begins to change in appearance. Your physical body becomes luminous, glowing, and appears very beautiful.
You might have friends and acquaintances suddenly remarking that you look younger, or that you have changed in some way that is indefinable. Eleventh level brings deeper levels of processing on your emotional issues. At this level you must deal with all your beliefs and thought forms around death and loss.
You might create disillusionment, or even find you are creating your deepest fears within your physical life so you can clear them completely by experiencing them. Any stored energy held in the emotional or mental body after tenth level is completed must be released to the spiritual body in eleventh level.
If you do not deal with those issues while you are in tenth level, you will manifest them in your lives within the eleventh. But, you truly have nothing to fear but fear itself when you are at eleventh level Light Body. Twelfth level Light Body is the Ascension. It is marked by the movement of the Merkabah into the heart center of your body. The Merkabah can most easily be described as a golden ball of light.
It is the Vehicle of your Ascension, and a major initiation for you when it happens. That event is the beginning of your personal Ascension into a Fifth Dimensional world of Oneness. The Ascension can occur at an individual level, it can occur within a group, or it will occur as a part of the collective experience.
You will Ascend when you are Ready, whether you do it alone, as a part of a group, or as a part of the ‘Planetary Shift’ yet to come. There is not a period for the ascension in any way. At an individual level there are ascensions occurring daily. Since Harmonic Convergence the energy has been available for the shift into a Fifth Dimensional Consciousness while in a physical body.
There are many beings, who are incarnate because they have volunteered to serve by testing the Light Body experiment. They are the first ones to move into Ascension. For the rest of you, the Light Body program will continue until you are ready, and then you will shift. Ascension is a very simple thing.
It is a change that occurs in an instant, but you are still here. The Sun will still shine and the Stars will still twinkle. The difference is Joy, your ability to live Joy and to feel Joy. The easiest way to verify that Ascension has happened is to note the quality of joy in a person’s life.
The beginning of the Ascension is when a person begins living life by creating their fantasies as their reality. I, Metatron can define JOY as Nirvana, Ecstasy, or Rapture.
It is that state of ‘Oneness with God.’ It can also be defined as your center or being on your center. That clear space you can achieve in meditation where energy is flowing and you feel that absolute Cosmic Oneness with all. Whatever brings you pleasure or feelings of lightness, and whatever you would define as joy, is a pathway to that state.
If you are working as a part of a spiritual group, you will experience a series of faster shifts in your processing. When one member of your group notices the embodiment of the Merkabah, you all will have received it, and will soon become aware of it also. The individual members may not have noticed this occurring at first, but at least one member of the group was ready for it, and as a result the entire group will get the benefit.
A group working on Ascension has a tremendous advantage because Fifth Dimensional Consciousness is a consciousness of “Oneness” or in other words, the group is One. Working with a group creates enormous synergistic energy, where each of you is far more powerful than you would be if you were alone.
It also gives each member a chance to learn to relate both as individuals, and from oneness within the group. This is an essential fifth dimensional consciousness shift that everyone must make. As individuals and groups focus on Ascension, they should focus on beginning to recreate their lives as absolute masterpieces of joy. As they do so, they will begin to live from joy, and later, they will become Joy.
As each of you does this, you will begin to shift everyone you come into contact with in your daily life, broadcasting the energy of joy to them and waking them up to that frequency. The Mass Ascension will occur when the majority of ascending humans on the planet are existing in this state of joy, and not until. The reason for this fact, is that this planetary experience is one of free agency. In this Multi-dimensional Universe, free agency is Divine Law.
As individuals and groups focus on ascension, they should focus on beginning to recreate their lives as absolute masterpieces of joy. As they do so, they will begin to live from joy, and later, they will become joy. As each of you does this, you will begin to shift everyone you come into contact with in your daily life, broadcasting the energy of joy to them and waking them up to that frequency.
The mass ascension will occur when the majority of ascending humans on the planet are existing in this state of joy, and not until. The reason for this fact, is that this planetary experience is one of free agency. In this dimensional universe, free agency is divine law.
When the majority of you are living from joy, the planetary experience will have moved into a world of love and oneness. When the majority of you have given up the game of polarity because you have learned all you could, and have by your own choices moved into joy and oneness, the mass ascension will occur. Until that time comes, and it will, the Light Body progression will continue.
The ascension will take as long as it takes, and humanity as a collective group, in the end, decides the timing of the great event. Free agency cannot be tampered with, not even for the highest of purposes, not even to create the ascension. The point I wish to make with this information is that the greatest way each of you can serve God, serve all mankind, serve the planet, and to serve yourselves is to create your lives as masterpieces of joy.
Be ruthless in evaluating your lives, and clear everything that does not bring you joy. Let go of old emotions and old issues, for they are consuming the energy you could be feeling joy with. If you focus on this as the entire process, and focus on learning to live from joy as your path of initiation, you will become the adept or spiritual master you desire to be.
You will assist everyone you meet, by your very presence, and you will be anchoring the energies of joy for the planet as well, to assist her in birthing a new level of manifestation for all. This ecstatic state of union with God is a part of the potential that is open for all. This path of joy makes the ascension so very simple, for all that is required is for each individual to begin focusing on, and taking full responsibility for his life.
Live life as a masterpiece of JOY.
The planetary changes that have been prophesied for these times you are living in are frightening for many. Since you have nothing to fear but fear, I will bring forth information about how the Light Body process has changed the probable future for the planet.
I have described the process for you as it affects your physical self and your personal life. I will now explain how Light Body impacts the planet, for the planet is physical, and the entire basis for sustenance of your physical life. As you become a being of light the planet also changes. The planet is becoming a sphere of crystal and light. When the Light Body experiment began in 1988, the planet was shifted into third level Light Body.
The planet shifted into a higher level each year after; fourth level in 1989, fifth level in 1990, and sixth level in 1991. The planet entered seventh level on Jan. 11, 1992 with the 11:11 gateway, and remained there until the next gateway opening which was 5/5/92.
This gateway initiated the beginning of eighth level Light Body for the planetary process, and with that level of Light Body, earth changes were most probable. Planetary shifts have always been ushered in by a series of technologies I call gateways. Gateways are energetic conduits opened from a higher dimensional universe to this one. These conduits bring through the energies necessary to pattern mass consciousness, change planetary vibrations, and to change dimensional frequencies.
A gateway requires the assistance of the space brothers and many beings on higher dimensional frequencies to create it and to refine the energies for the specified purpose. The purpose of a gateway, and its timing is the domain of the Light Councils, or Karmic Board, and the Ascended Masters of The Great White Brotherhood.
These councils oversee the progress, and assist when needed. The 5/5/92 gateway purposes were to forestall probabilities around cataclysmic disasters, which were most likely as the planet began losing density. The greatest probable disaster is a pole shift. The 5/5/92 gateway began the shift between the in-breath of God and the out-breath of God. The shift between an expanding Universe and a contracting Universe.
This gateway, 5/5/92, signaled the still time between the two directions. This still time continues until 2012 when the in-breath of Lord Brahma begins. This physical Universe has been expanding, fragmenting out into individuation. When the contraction begins (in-breath of Lord Brahma) it is the merging of the fragments into Oneness.
This Grid shift from Eastern Hemisphere to the West (Mount Shasta) was engineered to aid those who are known as lightworkers at this time of change, for the Grid shift allowed the planetary frequencies to shift upward into what is known as the lower fourth dimensional frequencies. This brought the planetary vibration into what is known as the astral worlds.
These worlds are still worlds of polarity and illusion, but they are far less physical. It makes it possible for each of you to begin opening potentials of joy for yourselves, and as you do, the disasters become less probable.
Those who are aware and those who are learning to use spiritual power to create in the physical can use the energies from the new grid alignment to create their personal version of “Heaven on Earth”. There were many of you requesting this assistance, for many lightworkers wanted to be able to precipitate thought into matter.
The greatest way to release enemy patterning is to move yourself into a space where you believe there are no enemies. Move yourself into a space where there is no question about the need to protect your rights. Move yourself into the attitude that, yes, you have the absolute right to possess and bear arms, but where would the necessity to use those weapons ever come from? This is a world at peace!
 This is one of the things that will be shifting drastically as a result of the Silent Revolution. With the Shifting in Energy the illusion of having enemies will become less and less real, until it no longer exists. Become clear within each of yourselves about how you interpret these violent events, and what they are mirroring for you.
Become clear within yourself about how you perceive the need to have arms, and what your values are. Work through these issues on your own level, in your own life, until you can create a perception of an absolutely safe, stable world. For other people in your life, who have concerns and fears about these political issues, assist them by your ability to bring through energy.
Facilitate their efforts to process their beliefs, until they can arrive at a place where they are secure and without fear, and have the attitudes that this is the time of Peace, let us welcome it. If you can do these things it will be of great service to the light, your assistance in shifting the Mass Consciousness on these issues. It is of interest that on the macro, people are willing to do away with nuclear arms. Destroy them, dismantle them, make their use illegal. But on a personal level, they will cling so tightly to their own firearms. Divine law is – as the inner, so the outer. It must happen at the personal level first, then it will manifest internationally. If you truly want to outlaw nuclear arms, begin within your own lives.

Normally, before the energy realigns itself in a balanced way, the pendulum will swing very far from side to side. The hope is that this issue is just a pendulum swing before the attitudes balance themselves. Other movements you are seeing politically are to create reforms in the Welfare system. These shifts are the result of the gateway that opened on 6.6.94. That gateway was one of self-empowerment. But along with self-empowerment comes the requirement of self-reliance. This gateway brought through a new model for a Self Empowered – Female. The archetype of the Goddess Athena is something each lady carries within her consciousness. An activated model of this archetype of an Empowered Female was beamed through the gateway from the ship Athena. This opened up a remedy for many social ills in the Western World, for how can you have an Ascending Planet or Species, if over one half of the population is in a “less than” position? Many women are treated as less than, earning less than, less opportunity, less education, relegated to welfare, relegated to poor circumstances and unequal opportunities. To change that, women must also step into their power. The energy to support the feminine is available, and has been since the reawakening of the forces of nature at the 12.21.91 gateway.

Each of you who are aware and empowered must focus on filling the void with joy, and shifting the forms of your lives quickly and easily. As you do this, the transitions from the old forms to the new will be traversed quickly and easily by the majority as well. For those of you who are working actively on your own ascension, you are carrying a great burden. That burden is in living impeccably. You cannot create something on the level of the macro (collective) without first bringing it into the micro (personal). As above, so below – that is divine law. You must first create within your own life what you desire in your society, social structure, and country. There are many of you incarnate, with the Divine Mission to realign the law to more closely resemble Divine Law.

You are here to shift the entire collective around the issues of politics, economics, government, and law. You must use and live by the principles of Divine Law in your own lives first, before you can bring them through at the mass consciousness level. Create a life without a need for defense or violence, without a need for political polarity, without the need for welfare programs, and without the need for treatment of disease. Create your lives as a world of peace, joy, security, and equality. The outer world will follow your lead. This world you are living in is now a fourth dimensional world – an astral world. It is still a world of polarity, but there is a difference. That polarity is just an illusion!

There are stories from every path of initiation about “The Guardian of the Threshold,” and most often the Guardian is a terrible monster. When an initiate is developed enough to travel to the astral worlds, the first thing the initiate will encounter is the Guardian. The initiate must defeat the Guardian to make further progress on their Spiritual Path. This is considered a Test, and the Test must be passed, or the instruction of the Master stops. Every Esoteric tradition has it’s method of how to deal with the Guardian, and overcome it. The one universal truth about this test, is that the Guardian is you. That terrible demon is an astral apparition of your worst fears. A monster yes, but it is nothing more than an illusion. In every tradition the solution is for the initiate to release their fears and personal demons and then they will overcome the Guardian. It will just disappear.

That is why each spiritual tradition, or path of initiation, has always had a focus on developing clarity, and personal qualities such as humility, forgiveness, and love. These qualities are the only way you can pierce the illusions of the astral worlds. As in the traditions of old, and in the Ascension Progression today, the Upper Dimensional Frequencies are not opened to the initiate until this Test has been passed.

In an initiation, there is no failure. If the test is not passed, the lesson is merely repeated until the initiate gets it. This is the best metaphor I can give you to describe the experiences you are having in this dimensional frequency. Remember, the Guardian is just an illusion, and polarity is just an illusion. If you release those illusions and beliefs, release those fears, the Guardian disappears! The world you experience will recreate itself around your new reality perceptions. The assistance of all the hosts of heaven is available to each of you, but you must ask. We cannot violate your free agency, even to assist you.

All the assistance you need to walk through these changes peacefully and joyfully is available to each of you. This information is given to you to assure you that all is well. My role is to shift your fears, to assure you of divine love, and to awaken you to potentials you may have to assist the collective. Each of you has only one responsibility in this lifetime, and that responsibility is for YOUR OWN LIFE. Divine law is As Above – So Below; As the Inner – So the Outer. When you perceive difficulties, enemies, or bogey men, in the outside world around you, look to your inner life for they will exist there as well. If you clear these perceptions from your inner life you will find that magically, your outer life, your experience, and perceptions shift, this is divine law.

You can bring about the elimination of polarity very simply – by working on your own life, and that is all each of you are required to do. Go forward and create of your life an absolute masterpiece of joy. The tools are given to you, the power is given to you, and all the assistance and guidance that you could possibly need is available. Each of you must actually DO IT, and as you do it you will transform your world and the larger world as well. You have nothing left to fear but fear itself – for fear is the last great evil that remains in the world. Work on your fear, and eliminate it from your mental body and emotional body, and as you do so you will eliminate it from your life. Fear is the only enemy left, and that enemy is only located within each of you.

Truly, the great ones are those who are incarnate at this time of change. Your initiation is nearly complete. All that remains is for each of you to pass the tests of Joy.
Blessings to all, for we love you, we honor you, and we only seek to serve each of you.

Easter Island -Rapa Nui 144 Umbilical of the New Earth

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters! I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet each of you in a vector of unconditional love! We take a moment to bring in an entourage of Angels and the Spirit of Place of Rapa Nui. We are joined by the Hathors, and ancient ones of MU in a brilliantly shining spiraled  vector. Close your eyes for one moment and feel our collective…..
Oh Dear Human Angel, we embrace you fondly, both individually and collectively. You wear duality filters which keep you from fully seeing what an exquisite energy you are. Many of you do not even recognize the magnificent accomplishment that the Ascension represents, and fewer still understand the fact that YOU created it. You are all on the cusp of an utterly astonishing graduation, and we honor you !
Dear Ones, the earth is part of a solar system that is vast, powerful and far more extensive than you may  fathom There is one physical Earth, but it exists in  more than one reality, and in many versions. The Earth has served many purposes and will continue to do so. There are specialized points and places above, upon and within the earth where dimensions merge and frequencial door-ways occur. There are numerous unique cavern-apertures that reach far into the earth and enter other realities, and into the realms of beings of differing experience & expression.

We have told you previously that other beings and races currently share the Omni-Earth with you. There are numerous others that have come and gone in differing epochs of space & time. Most of them know a quite different earth than yours.  The earth has since its beginning been home of myriad races that have chosen to live upon and within the earth and its moon. They have been aware and unaware of each other — separated by space, time, dimension and purpose.  The earth is uniquely symbiotic in that it is a camp-ground to some and proving-ground to humanity. But all who enter above or below ground on the planet know Rapa Nui, for it is a Stargate of extreme potency with a unique alignment to Arcturus. All life that enters the Earthplane passes first to the gateway of Arcturus.

And so we speak of Rapa Nui, Easter Island.

Mega Portal

Indeed it is one of the most powerful & unique portals on the planet, and has been recognized as such for millennia. It is absolutely a potent & benevolent ‘Umbilical of the Earth’. It is a dynamic balancing and nurturing energy that supports the Earth, its Elemental Kingdoms and indeed Humanity.

t is a place that was once home to giants, to Hathors and walking Cetaceans of Sirius. It was the surface Temple of the LeMurians. Most of you know it far more than you realize. We tell you it houses a gateway of extraordinary proportion & importance. And it will play an extremely important role beginning in 2013. We have accordingly requested the channel to bring Keepers of the Earth to (re) experience Rapa Nui, and receive & anchor the codes. The clarion calls !

Now, Portals are normally considered to be a wormhole in space or a stargate that allows entry from above the Earth. The astonishing portal that exists on Easter Island is of a double octahedronal matrix. It is two octahedronal ‘gates’. Both a vertical octahedron with entry above &  Below the Earth, and a horizontal octahedronal portal that connects to other point in time.

Rapa Nui 144

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is also in the truest sense of the word a point of power generation. The Earth’s axis receives and generates energy patterns that are similar in nature to that  termed Scalar Waves It is one of 12 locations on the spherical globe that is a direct conduit of this incredible energy. Rapa Nui holds a very specialized relationship with Giza as well as the other 11 mega nodes. In terms of its function as a Vortexial Portal. We validate its location on the Planetary Grid as being a major node functioning in the Precession of the Equinoxes.

With Giza appropriately assigned the ‘zero’ longitude, Easter Island is in the important progression of 144 degrees! That is very significant, both in the planetary grid and the frequencial keys of the numerics. This will indeed be even more important in the not too distant future, for reasons that are both known and unknown to your scientist and seers. Rapa Nui is awakening into a new role, and will be one of four major anchors in the Southern hemisphere for the New Firmament.

Balanced Field

Easter Island was formed from the lava of three triangulated volcanoes. The volcanoes are embellished, much like Mt Shasta, & serve to lock in the vast dimensional overlay which occurs above and below the 144-Portal of  Rapa Nui. The energy generated here is incredibly powerful, yet benevolently in balance.It exudes an almost musical serenity and opens each pilgrim and visitor to heightened awareness and spiritual merging with Divine Self.It is a remarkable place of ‘thin veils’ . One experiences Divinity in meditation here in extraordinary lucid clarity.

The proximity to the Pacific Ocean waters literally make Rapa Nui an oasis of tranquility and nurturing heart. Because the island is presently quite small, the ocean wave effect on its shoreline easily encapsulates the entire area with a benevolent and soothing plasmic field of anionic charge. Being in this energy otherwise would be too intense, but because of the blend of telluric and comic energies, it is an area that can be termed a regeneration node. The numerous forces at play here homogenize extremely well, and provide an energetic induction field that is of great benefit to those that spend time on the island. Its energy is literally capable of balancing and aligning the human auric field, of healing infirmities and indeed extending longevity. This was well known by the LeMurians and Rapa Nui was utilized as a Center of Healing and Spiritual amplification.

In 2013, beginning in the March Equinox, energetic coded crystalline light will flow into this area. It is the light of a new era, and sustains and advances the emergence of enlightened humanity. It will be a beacon to many and will be heard above and below the Earth. It is seeding the New Firmament and preparing the way for a grand reunion.

. Now specifically because of the enormous utility and complexity and extreme generation of the Easter Island power-node and it is an extraordinary Mega Vortexial Portal. It was recognized initially at the time of LeMuria, and was in fact the entry gate that was used when many first experienced the Earthplane, before the planet was one of duality. This was in the time of the original firmament. Rapa Nui remains very active in its function as a major point of entry into the Earth-plane.

Easter Island served as a Utopian Mecca in the time of the Firmament. It was a much larger land mass at that phase of the planet, and was visited from throughout the Cosmos.  Incredible Pyramids were constructed in the area, most of which are now submerged below waters, although several are located and are functioning in the vast city below it in what may be termed Hollow Earth.

Much later in linear terms, during the ‘Golden Age’ of Atlantis, when many extra terrestrials of Sirius A, Sirius B, the Pleiades and Arcturus manifested upon the Earth, and walked with humans in biology, the Earth was mapped and the location of such sites were embellished technically with transmitting and receiving Pyramids and circuited monoliths were placed in such locales and vectors.

Easter Island, Giza, Titicaca, Patagonia, Israel, Turkey, Arkansas and Newgrange were among these. Some of these were on the surface of the planet; many others were placed in frequencial chasms below the surface.

The circuitry and transmission stations enabled a more condensed concentric merging of dimensional fields and a means of stabilizing & controlling the energy flows within them. Yet understand the technology utilized responded to and was operated by high frequency thought. We tell you that the Earth is much different than you realize. To put it in an understandable ‘computer’ analogy, there is one primary Earth program, and within that program are many subprograms or files, that contain different versions, different epochs and different probabilities of time and space. So with this somewhat explanatory image, understand that within the Omni Earth are dimensions of time and space that are separated by frequency.

Dimensional Corridors of the Omni Earth

Masters, dimensionsare not separated by distance and as such neither are other worlds, or other realms of Omni Earth. These cannot truly be accessed by physical travel in the manner you may think within the limited laws of your physical reality. Had mankind in his present era devoted as much thought to mental locomotion as physical locomotion an entirely different set of physics of movement would be understood. All dimensions of the Omni Earth take place in the same timeless moment and the same (spaceless) space, but not in the same frequency. In other words, dimensions border each other somewhat in the same way that a radio carries many different stations.

The Earth now and always contains specialized dimensional gateways; portals that are entry points to other frequencial worlds. To most of humanity that is a moot point, for a frequencial shift is requisite to recognizing and lucidly opening these astonishing portal door-ways.

Atlanteans of the Law of One, LeMurians, Ancient Egyptians, Tibetan Monks and certain indigenous cultures (before and after them) understood how to do this, and were able under certain shamanic disciplines to alter their reality and their dimensional resonance.

Rapa Nui- 144-The Original Entry Gate

As we have stated, Easter Island housed the Portal that souls used to initially enter the Earthplane during the early stages of humanities experiences in what is termed LeMuria or MU. It is equally as potent as the Stargate located in Giza, and was utilized prior to Giza, particularly by the Arcturians and Sirians.

In the manifold of Easter Island you are standing upon a gateway where time and frequency are capable of offering doorways in different dimensions and temporal holograms. The Rapa Nui land mass is also the location of a potent opening to what is termed the ‘Hollow Earth’. It is the largest of several major entries which was used by the LeMurians to enter the subsurface realms of the Earth, at the time in which LeMuria was no longer sustainable.

Rapa Nui is a land that many code carriers are drawn to revisit, for it contains within it beautiful memories of MU that will be reactivated. As such those drawn to this land will recognize it immediately. The energy of Place of Rapa Nui will welcome you and will benefit by your presence, and indeed you will benefit by receiving an incredible activation. It remembers you. It knows you. You carry within a seed that will reactivate, anchor and align to a very special re-emergence that is coming in your future.

For within 3 centuries of your linear time, Rapa Nui will re-emerge as a Cosmic Mecca. Master Beings will journey from throughout the Multiverse and relish that the land is still hallowed. It will once again become a Pilgrimage site and Utopia, especially for the re appearance of Inner Earth LeMurians as well as the Golden Hathors and Sacred Cetaceans. In this phase, the seas levels will have declined considerably, and Rapa Nui will again be a much larger land mass. II will also be a refuge of rejuvenation and joy to all forms of life. It will harbor and nurture all who visit. It will be among the first areas in which Master Beings walk again among humanity in manifested form. Uniquely so as its energy field will offer quite clearly expression in hyper dimensions that are sustainable within its resonance. It will be an interface for the inner Earth populace, for just beneath its surface area, is one of the largest cities of  the ancient LeMurians, as well as a base for the Hathors. Indeed the two are very connected.

Inner Earth

Many of you do not truly consider that the interior of the Omni Earth is inhabited, but we assure you that it is absolutely populated. In fact every planet in your solar system, as well as three of your planetary moons are inhabited internally, in chasms below the surfaces.

Those that dwell within the  inner dimensions of the Earth are numerous. But we add that none of the extra terrestrials currently on the Earth are hostile or interfering. Indeed they are  providing a protective shield  for the planet.  All are associated with the Ashtar group or the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. Some of the extra terrestrials have been here from the beginning, before humanity in fact. The most prominent of these include those from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturius, and other specific benevolent of the bi-nary star systems.

They have observation bases or what may be termed laboratories. Some have roles in maintaining aspects of planetary interface with other realms.

The LeMurians of Inner (Hollow) Earth

The greatest inner earth populace, however, are the humans of LeMuria. Many of you were originally among them before the earth entered a cataclysmic phase in which the surface lands could no longer sustain human life.

Keep in mind that LeMuria originally occurred on the planet before the Earth became a ‘University of Duality’, at the time of the Firmament. In this phase humanity was not truly physical, and the Earth was a utopian experience, in which semi physical forms were manifest and dissolved at will. After the Fall of the Firmament and polarity realms predominated, bodies became more dense, and filters were in place. Their vibrations moved into polarity stance as the life journeys became one of chosen growth and challenge. Their utopian existence was lost and replaced by greater mission.

The LeMurian society and energy embraced the nurturing and unconditional love aspect of the Golden Hathor and Golden Dolphin. Their vibrations were also very much attuned to the Faerie Kingdom and they expressed a deep love of all nature.

When the Earth’s environment was no longer able to sustain human life, (as has several times), approximately 65% of the LeMurians chose to enter into the hollows of earth. Others chose to reincarnate into Atlantis and others into the Sacred Cetacean (Dolphin) realms in order to be of service to humanity. We have told you previously that dolphins and whales regulate, joyously upshift and anchor the powernodes & energies of the oceans, which cover two-thirds of the present earth. They are the loving guardians of the waters.

Physiological Evolution

Adaptation into the hollow earth took many generations, and the LeMurian community adapted accordingly, both to the inner Earth environ and to one another such that mind, spirit and body acknowledged the bond and through Divine will the shift did occur. We tell you that the human body will acclimate and quickly evolve its physiology to match the needs of its inner and outer environment. Within a few short generations, an environment that was previously toxic can become quite hospitable, and such was the experience of the gentle LeMurians. Indeed this remarkable physiological adaptation was the case long ago and it will be the case again in your probable future. As events upon the earth continue to progress in the centuries to come, experimental communities beneath the earth, above the earth, as well as on the moon and as far away as Jupiter and Saturn will be established, and in each case, human-kind bodies will adapt and in so doing make the new home compatible .

And so to continue, the LeMurians of inner Earth are now in bodies that are much less dense than that of humanity inhabiting the surface. They have the mental ability to adjust to their environ, somewhat chameleon like, in forms that can be frequencially transformed, in bodies that are far more resilient and malleable to their conditions. Their eye-sight has evolved to perceive accurate imagery of their environ in a much wider scope of visibility, reaching above and below that of what is termed the visible spectrum of light. They have developed capabilities similar to the dolphin’s sonar. There is a skeletal framing to their forms but it is more elastic in nature. Their skin is a blue-grey tint, because of the rich mineral content of the water they drink. They derive nutrients that energize their bodies almost entirely from the enriched mineral-waters they drink. They cultivate a form of aqueous algae similar to spirulina. Their bodies produce very little solid waste. Their bodies are more capable of longevity. They have life spans triple to quadruple that of surface humans.

Life Sustenance in Inner Earth

The LeMurian humans live in a life-sustaining portion of the interior of the earth. It is far more stable than the surface. They have been there for a very long time, and are a civilization very close to completion. At present they have very little desire to intermingle with surface humanity, despite what others may tell you. Although there is a small contingency among their leaders who have interfaced with more advanced humans who were originally part of the LeMurian existence on the surface. This generally occurs in the human’s subconscious realm or dream state. In several rare incidences a specialized core of what may be termed diplomatic advisors has met with some of your governments and leaders. This took place in the early years after your WWll in the times of the highest potential of a nuclear war.

Very very few of the LeMurians venture to the surface in physical form, for indeed their adapted bodies would not be able to sustain the present sunlight (UV levels) for very long periods. This will begin to change after the establishment of the New Firmament in 2038.

Many of the recent past accounts of LeMurians surfacing at Mt Shasta are somewhat exaggerated or are remembrances from dreamscapes. (But there are indeed interactions within the sub-conscious realms of dream horizons.)

The LeMurians simply do not presently physicalize on the planet surface because their physical bodies would be quite vulnerable to viruses, certain bacterial infections, and over exposure to sunlight. Their physical vision is adapted to a different form of light than what appears on the surface. The LeMurians are also quite aware of the aggressions and issues of the surface world masses, and are very content to complete where they are until humanity progresses over the next three centuries.

LeMurians were somewhat confounded by the shift of the planet into duality realms after the fall of the original Firmament. They have always been repulsed by violence and aggression, and as a society and culture had difficulty confronting it, or learning how to defend against it, even when it was appropriate to do so. That is the reason most moved into inner dimensions. We will tell you that all of the planets in your system have societies living in their interior, and as a general rule, societies that reside internally are more spiritually advanced.

The fact remains that strength is an attribute of Love, and Love without strength is incomplete. Yet the LeMurians have found a way to achieve strength of will, but have not resolved the duality issues of confronting & successfully resolving issues of violence. That remains an issue for several of your past civilizations. It is a difficult rubik, but is necessary for mastering duality. When resolved it carries expansive growth and tremendous leaps in creatorship, but it is a complex task.

We will add that some surface members of humanity are more resonate with the Inner Earth LeMurians because they have dually incarnated in the inner earth as well as the surface, but these are few. These special souls are providing a unique & honorable emissary service to both realms, and will play an important role when the LeMurians begin to surface after the mass Ascension of humanity in approximately 15 generations. This surfacing will occur in the areas of Easter Island, Patagonia, Arkansas, Titicaca (Tiahuanaco), the San Francisco Peaks (Arizona) , Turkey, Guatemala, Yucatan and Mt Shasta to name some of the major exit points.


Much lies before you from 2013 forward, as timescapes and landscapes reveal their hidden layers. The corridors of space & time are beginning to open now, offering you the benefit of creating present, past and future.

Many of you feel that you are in your last earthen life experience. We tell you that beyond 2038 and into 2312 many of you will chose to return. Not for lesson, but for celebration, for joyous reunion.

For in this phase is the mass shift of humanity into enlightenment. You see 2012 is the Ascension of the Earth, the expansion of the crystal grid & matrix, and that 2012 expansion, allows for the enlightenment and Ascension of humanity in mass. You may feel it is a long time away, but it is but a flash of time from higher perspective.

As this phase draws nearer you will have the benefit of guides, teachers and visitors who have been residing in frequencies and inner spaces that most of you have not visited. It is through this rare  corridor, Rapa Nui,  that allow worlds that mirror your earth to be revealed in ways that are new, exciting & wonderful … which is why the earth is so utterly fascinating.

The star system to which the Earth belongs is quickly pulsing into a magnificent graduation…into a stage of exquisite crystalline resonance. The Earth’s Ascension is inspiring an evolutional leap that is affecting the entire Cosmos. It is a rare event within the great design of time in which duality experience moves higher, and all frequencies, all energies; all life within the Cosmos is elevated.

As we have told you 2013 is the true beginning, not an end. The New Earth  in all of its grandeur is truly unfolding now. This is an extraordinary and wonderful  time of re-making that which you are, even as the earth continues to do the same. We honor you and shower you in blessings of Love. You are truly magnificent Beings…never forget that !

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

…And so it is…And it is so…

Entering into a New Phase of Evolution

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

Once again it’s beautiful to be here in Riga, in Latvia. The weather is much warmer this time and life is beginning to happen. The spring feeling is here and the love begins to flow.

Once again, we are approximately six months away from the 21st day of December 2012 and many changes are coming to all of you, without exception, on a personal level on a European level and on a global level. All the changes are for the good; they might not look good in the moment but the love will come. Many people in power will begin to lose their power and the vacuum they’ll leave will be quickly filled with people moving to a more loving and caring reality. We are entering into a new phase of evolution and evolve is love spelled backwards and forwards.

Evolution means that things will change permanently and always for the better as opposed to revolution. Revolution means to go round and round in circles, from one despot to the next, one crazy government to the next. And human consciousness is changing; the lights are going on all around the world. Hearts are opening and love is flowing; the love is flowing towards a fairer and more honest society. There are those who want the status quo, but the status quo will lose this time; there are too many things in the favour of new consciousness. The secret to the shift is to be at peace and let the evolution happen on the inside of you. The more energies that you allow to flow through you towards your inner world the more harmony and peace will come to you and your world.

It is for you to take care of your personal world and your personal life and let the big picture change. Many of you are becoming quite proficient at healing yourselves and others and the information and the knowledge about healing is going to become clearer; you’ll understand yourselves much better and understand the art of manifestation, you’ll understand why your relationships don’t work and you’ll be given the knowledge to make them work.

The love will flow. The love is already flowing for many people and love will become mass consciousness. Your world is going to change in a very big, big way. And those that stand in the way will be swept away as if they’re trying to stop a river in flood.

The lights are going on inside of many, many, people’s hearts all around the world. The second wave of people is waking up and becoming more and more conscious. Men around the world are really realising that the government is what it says it is: Unconscious men and women in power governing and controlling the minds of others, moving the money of the poor into the hands of the rich, without love or integrity. And this also will get worse before it gets better. And the worst it gets the clearer it will be to see, and all will see this game, and all will slowly but surely begin stop playing the game. Society as you know it will begin to crumble as if a snake is changing its skin. Society will dissolve and transform into a different way of being; there will be an explosion of consciousness unparalleled in human existence, and the new age will be dawning.

This will take time, a few years perhaps, but there will be those here on Earth who’ll lead those in the dark into the light, those who understand the way and the path. Consciousness will flow from one man’s heart to the next, like a pebble in a still pond radiating love and consciousness, supporting each other and working with each other. The old world has been about separation, conquer and divide, and this energy will slowly but surely release, and the new world will begin to take place, a world that you cannot imagine at the moment. But nonetheless this world filled with love will come, for this is your essence, your essence is love, and you are beings of love, light and vibrations. Slowly but surely your human body will begin to change vibration and you’ll shake away the old negative energies, and all that will be left is love. You’ll become whole and complete and the love will flow. Once you’re whole and complete you are Christ Conscious, a fourth-dimensional being, and expect other shifts of energies to come. A world of your dreams; one thing is for sure, you will never ever be the same again. Life will become soft, and gentle and loving and you’ll all become powerful, loving and unafraid. You’ll be totally fearless, without fear you’ll create a society based in love, almost utopian. It will be another world and each human being will go step by step addressing their own consciousness and their own problems.

The new world is coming and you are all being supported by spirit and your sprit guides. Your connection to father sky will become more and more intense. You’ll connect both to the universal mind and to the universal heart. And the heart and the mind will work in unity. You’ll be loving and living, living and loving. Things will begin to go your way and the past will be gone, dissolved forever. As this new phase of planet Earth begins some will be sour but they will soon get over their sourness when they begin to see the new world manifest.

So allowing your hearts to open a little more than they already are… allow love to flow from your heart into everybody’s heart in the room… and allowing your heart to expand and letting your love flow around the world… closing your eyes and going deeper and deeper into your bodies… scanning your bodies and feeling your bodies… just observing your feelings, your emotions, and let your feelings and emotions let them come and let them go…

And now let’s take your bodies on a journey into the future and into the new world… on a journey to experience the new world… where you can activate your heart and your mind… and help you understand the new world and what is like… at the same time dropping deeper and deeper and deeper in your bodies… just allowing your vibrations to go higher and higher… and allowing the vibrations of mother Earth to go higher and higher… just allowing the feelings in your bodies to come and let them go… and allowing the love to flow… just like the Daugava flows through Riga… sometimes more and sometimes less… but always, always, always flowing… for as long as you can all remember… the Daugava’s always flowed… and the love has always flowed here in Latvia.

So feel your country and feel your land and let your country and your land speak to you… and let those who have walked before you also speak… your Pagan ancestors… for they to flow through your cells and your DNA, they flow through your blood line… they knew how to live with the Earth and they knew how to live through long, hard, cold winters… and they knew how to survive. Let this energy speak… for they are here to bring the Earth to the sky… they are here to bring Latvian wisdom to the world. Before the dawn of Christianity these peoples knew their God; they didn’t think about of God or believing in God, they knew their god and they trusted their Gods… let them bring this trust and this knowing to your bodies… let them bring their knowledge and their wisdom to you… their healing skills… and let the vibration of this old knowledge and old wisdom flow through your hearts to the tips of your toes… to the top of your head… to the tips of your fingers… and beyond your physical bodies… and into your auras… releasing what no longer serves you… and just be in the company of your ancestors… your ancestor that were whole and complete… that knew the way forward and that knew the cycles of life… that knew the ebbs and flows of the sea and the sea shore… that knew the cycles of the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets… they were much more wiser and knowledgeable than we are today… they could live with the Earth… live with their hearts open and allow consciousness flow through them.

Their energy is here this night, this very night, to speak with love, with honour, and with dignity… you in this room are the ones who stand upon these people’s shoulders… and it is them that bring this message to you, through Kryon: The message is to live your life with simplicity, don’t be seduced by the material world, it is to love each other, to love the spirits of the trees and your forests, for in turn these spirits will love you and they will bring consciousness beyond your wildest dreams… You will once again come to love the Earth… we know that the Earth plane is changing… but, it’s still your home… don’t hurt your home, love your home, and love all that are in your home… that are under your feet, that hold you and guide you, and let you feet connect deep into the soil… your time will be different than ours, but your consciousness is lower than ours and this is due to change… we know first of all that your consciousness will reach our level of consciousness… we were always whole and complete… we wouldn’t allow parts of our communities to move low levels of consciousness… our Kings loved their people… our Shaman loved their people… there was no hierarchy, we were all equal… we all loved each other, we all held each other and we all supported each other… our hearts are were connected and we knew we were all interconnected… anything else is a lie it’s not the truth… then came peoples from the South, they brought in another God, they broke our people and stole our lands… but we understand that the loving God, our God, had another plan than the one we imagined… our essence is in your heart and our lands will be returned to us through your hearts… and love will once again flow as it used to… human beings will once again have integrity in their hearts, and will no longer have leaders that speak constantly with forced tongues. Our leaders were always like butterflies… they’d always gone through the process of metamorphosis… your leaders are like caterpillars, eating up every single thing that possibly can… doing whatever they can to keep your consciousness low… this was never part of our consciousness… our leaders were always the sage, the wise ones, the old ones that had walked their path and had become whole and complete… we could see this in their eyes… we, their people, revered our leader’s consciousness… we honoured and respected our leaders… for our leaders were worthy of honour and respect… and we know that this kind of leadership is returning to this Earth… loving and conscious men and women will lead this planet back into consciousness… what is happening at the moment, we see that it is unconscious men and women that are leading this planet… and leading it deeper and deeper into an unconscious world… when you go past the winter solstice this will begin to change… the people of this world will realise that they have been tricked, mass consciousness will begin to understand the failure of their leaders… they’ll begin to understand that the Roman Empire still exists… but it’s hidden and it controls the masses in secrecy… but the masses will become more and more conscious, to such a point where that they can’t be fooled… and to such a point where they will not give their power away… there is no room for fear in the new age, it will not exists, and neither will unconsciousness… you will find your path back to the Great Spirit… and you will be on your path back to love… and you’ll recognise the journey of life… we realise that you will be in different dimensions but we had the fourth dimension many aeons ago… we were whole and complete, we lived with love, we lived with sun and the moon and the stars, with the planets… and with the Earth beneath our feet… we could walk in the coldest of winter months naked… we could sleep on the snow and the ice naked, for our connection to Earth kept us warm… kept us loving and kept us free… we were wild, we were free… are hearts were crazy and beautiful… wouldn’t you just love to share something like that?

Our bodies were physical and young, without aches and pains we lived our lives, we loved our lives… we were loving and passionate about our lives and we loved our Gods and our Gods loved us… but we knew the day had come that we had to move to another world and to make way for another consciousness… but the time is coming when our consciousness returns and we are incarnating once again… and we will change the world, we will make it what it once was and we will move from that fourth dimension to the fifth dimension… creating this world of love, of passion, and of joy… for I am a great Pagan Warrior and my name is Thor… and I bring love and I bring thunder to this world… and, as we speak, me and my people are incarnating back into this world… we look forward to the joy and the fun of bringing the new world down from heaven to Earth… I love you all… I love you just the way you are… I love in your pain and in your sadness… and I love what you’ve done for this Earth… and you will come to love us… for we are the warriors of the new world and we are flowing through your spirits on our return journey back to this Earth… one thing’s for sure, you will never ever be the same gain… we have been speaking on behalf of Kryon… and to let you know what is happening in this new age… so allow your hearts to open even more than they already are… staying loving and connected with each other… for your physical bodies are descended from ours, and you carry our knowledge and our wisdom… this Knowledge and wisdom is being activated in your physical bodies… and you’ll begin to wake up to new knowledge and new wisdom… a new state of being…

This is the mighty Thor signing out, I am handing back to Kryon… so once again just allowing your energies to rise higher and higher… higher than you ever been lifted before… we’re allowing the energies of Mother Earth to rise higher and higher… and just allow your energies to go higher and higher… healing and releasing… merging and flowing with the love… and allowing your upper heart chakra, the chakra between your throat and your heart, to connect and to open… allowing this new age activation to flow through the chakra into your cells and your DNA… allowing your body to awaken to the new age… feeling loved and safe and secure… just let the feelings come and let them go… and now you are now at 80% of it will be like in 2012… and the energies are rising…

And now moved from 85% towards 90%… just allowing your energies to go higher and higher… feeling the flow of energy through Mother Earth… and from Father Sky through your crown chakra… allowing yourselves and your spirit to move into the future… allowing your mind to activate to fourth and fifth dimensional levels… you mind and your heart… and just knowing that you’ll never ever be the same again… and moving now to 95%… and in the next few moments it will be 100%… and just allowing your bodies to feel whatever it feels…. and this is that would feel like on December 21, 2012… just allowing the energies flowing through your bodies… healing and releasing… and just knowing that you will never ever be the same again… and just take some time to be at this level of energy… and allowing yourself to travel through time and space… you’ll be guided through the fourth and fifth dimension… allowing your bodies to wake up at to energies… and let the feelings come and let them go… continuing on your journey to wherever you belong.

Go well and God bless Dear Ones for this is Kryon signing out.

Thank you all.

Lessons from Archangel Gabriel about Spiritual Principles

From the beginning of our association in 1990, Archangel Gabriel spoke in terms of Spiritual Principles. They would all be in capital letters ~ words like Harmony, Peace, Beauty were characteristic of the principles that he would lay out for me and through his energy I would also be able to experience those qualities within. Once I was given the experience of that higher frequency of energy, I would be able to recreate the experience on my own as my body created a new template.

As we try to ride the big waves of energy in these accelerated times, this has become one of the most important of the teachings I received. When I don’t remember to hold my energy in a higher vibrational frequency, I get tumbled in the turbulent power of the white water I am surfing to the beach.

We are rapidly moving through the emotional 4th dimensional energies on the way into the energy frequencies connected to a new world that is becoming through 2012 and beyond. In the vibrational frequency of a 5th dimensional space, these Spiritual Principles become the operational essence of our lives. They carry spiritual consciousness and an empowered presence that is palpable when we allow ourselves to receive from this place. When you stop and breathe in the essence of Grace, a new resonance is set into your being. For instance, it is especially profound in this high-energy time to bring Grace into your solar plexus. The calming affect is important for your personal electrical system as well as your emotional state.

As the 3D world continues to destabilize and structures we have believed in disappear, when we concentrate our attention on the presence of these Spiritual Principles, they will become the new structure of our lives. If we allow it to occur we can use these tools to bring more balance to our emotional being and create greater stability in many areas of life. Spiritual Principles become a living force with the vitality necessary to act as a guidance system for our minds to follow.

A Simple Practice

When I am caught in traffic becoming anxious, what can I do? What would be the spiritual quality I need the most at this time? A personal favorite, I ask for the soothing quality of Grace in my Solar Plexus (the area between my rib cage and my pelvis that houses my emotional reactions).

Who do I ask? When I put out a special plea for help, I believe it goes to the Universal Resources of Spirit who are Equal to Any Demand. Too expansive? In short, my Higher Self is the place that fields information for the good of my soul, whether it is going in or out.

So I breathe Grace from the Divine Presence into my being and allow myself to feel more calm and centered. Grace is a living frequency that acts on my nervous system and my consciousness. On a practical level, Grace can also inspire synchronous activity within me that allows me to move into a state where I can see creative solutions and intuitively make a turn or take an action that would assist my progress in that moment.

That this is true in traffic is just a metaphor for my life right now. When I exist out of harmony with this living vibrational field of Grace and Well-being, there is a sense of frustration and lack. I begin to focus more and more on those lower vibrational qualities that I am now attracting into my energy field through the Law of Attraction. My world looks darker and I do not see opportunities. I feel stuck. When this happens now I know it is a sign for me – not a little stop sign, but a huge lighthouse in the middle of my path. This massive structure is making sure I STOP where I am going and regroup. I need to stop my forward motion and remember what vibration I would prefer to have in my world, and consciously call that energy into my being.

I ask for Clarity in my mind, Harmony and Alignment with my Source energy, and Peace in my heart. These are the qualities that will bring more Well-being into my life. When I focus on these spiritual principles, they become a living magnetic field of energy that attracts more of the same through the Law of Attraction. When I use this practice before it is an emergency, it becomes brilliantly graceful, especially as I remember when I invite the principles to also ask for Grace and Ease.

These are powerful spiritual tools that allow us to move into new 5th dimensional reality fields where we become the vibration on which we focus our attention. This Path of the Heart means there are no limitations to the abundant demonstrations we will receive from Pure Consciousness when we invite the gift of Spiritual Principles into our lives.

As Archangel Gabriel also says, And So it Is.

Shanta Gabriel

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