Energy Healing & Home & Space Clearing

We are Beings of Light.

You have probably heard, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” As children, most of us were aware of that truth as we played with invisible playmates and witnessed magic in our backyards. Unfortunately, growing up with other human beings who’d forgotten who they really are and therefore could not help us to know ourselves, trained us to forget, leading us to believe that we are limited beings with only one earthly life to live. Pressured to conform to this concept, we lost touch with our full potential.

It is through our connection to Light that we *see* beyond our visible world and beyond what the physical world reveals. By accessing this wisdom, we remember that we are not as limited as we have been taught. In fact, we are filled with divine grace and power. A daily practice of tuning into this vast potential and conversing with it opens the door through which we can reclaim our true identity, answering the calling that the time has come to recreate paradise on earth.

We no longer live in a predictable world in which we can trust external authority figures and as we reawaken to Truth during this time of great change in the world, we need to access our own inner light to survive as we shift into a new consciousness. With rapid change around us, we must be able to trust our own ability to sense what is happening and how we can best respond. Accessing the information that will help us navigate these uncertain waters resides in our own awareness of ourselves as Beings of Light. We must firmly trust our own inner discernment and not be led away from our own Truth.

Be patient with yourself as you grow. Follow the Divine spark within your heart and once you can feel and embrace your own Divinity, you will discover that you are here for far greater reasons than you may be currently aware of.

Take each step from your heart center and combine that with your deepest truth. This will always keep you grounded, and no circumstance can disrupt your inner equilibrium where you always feel deep secure peace.

Trust what your heart tells you. Bring it out into your life, and express your Divine nature. This is your gift to humanity.

What is healing?

Healing is the journey back to our natural state of balance and harmony that is called Love. Healing becomes necessary when you lose contact with that natural state, when there is a disturbance in the Universal Flow. Healing can take place in many ways, each as uniquely individual as you. The one constant is for you to be connected to You. As Socrates said, “Know thyself.” When you are willing to accept responsibility for everything you create in your life, you can heal yourself.

The power to heal lies within you. You innately know what you need to do to regain your personal blueprint of perfection. My role is to remind you of that, to be witness and hold space for you to make the necessary changes in your life without judgment in a safe, supportive and loving way.

What is Love?

Love is the most desired human emotion. Love is the energy of the heart and soul that brings balance, harmony, and healing. When felt and expressed, Love expands and uplifts you. When you feel love you feel connected to all things through your heart. As you read on, you’ll discover that self-love is the key to healing. I will show you how the absence of self-love creates disease through negativity, while the positive energy of self-love creates health and well-being.

I have noticed that the right amount of love will heal any affliction. It is not the love you can get from me or from another, it is the love you generate inside of yourself. As simple as it sounds, the antidote for anything is to love yourself.

Enjoy life and Be well

For, all healing comes from the one source. And…the application…is to bring the consciousness of the forces within the body that aid in reproducing themselves – the awareness of creative or god forces. -Edgar Cayce reading 2696-1

Your body is designed to heal itself. The ability of a body to maintain its health and overcome illness is, in fact, among nature’s most remarkable feats. Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

Energetic Feng Shui and Space Clearing

Property, Land and Space Clearing

The land is a record keeper of all past energetic imprints. Any disharmony is a divergence from its ideal natural condition and clearing stagnant vibrations and energies from your home, office or property returns it to its original state of perfection. Energetic Feng Shui Clearing changes the quality of your environment, creating a sacred space for living and working.

By connecting and working co-creatively with Nature and applying quantum technologies, we can clear your home and land, lifting the vibrations of your living and working environment. When your home or space is burdened with negative and noxious energy it will affect the health and well being of everything that lives or works on your property.

You can expect every aspect of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life to be enhanced following a clearing session.  You’ll experience an increase in the “flow” of all energies in the environment, such as dramatic improvements in relationships and communication and a reduction in the feelings of struggle, trauma, and conflict, a general sense of well-being and peace and increased financial flow. Clearing will also positively affect pets, animals and plant life in your environment.

This work is accomplished through connecting with the energies of your property, freeing up any stuck energies as energies are meant to flow uninhibited and freely. Unwanted guests are asked to leave, darkness is illuminated with light and energetic grids are put in place to maintain the tranquil energies after clearing. I use many different technologies and my own energetic presence to accomplish this task, please free to schedule your clearing session with me today by calling me at 310-755-5153.

Property, land and space can be cleared remotely with great success. This energy work is accomplished on the etheric level. My presence on your property is not required to accomplish a successful clearing.

Benefits of Energetic Feng Shui space Clearing:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Better quality sleep
  • Fewer colds and illnesses
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved communication              
  • Better relationships
  • Improved creativity
  • Increased financial flow
  • Stronger, healthier plants
  • Fewer insects on the property
  • More birds and butterflies
  • Healthier pets and animals
  • A general feeling of ease and well-being


Experience Relief from:          

  • Joint and muscle aches
  • Restlessness, nightmares and     insomnia
  • Mild panic attacks
  • Faintness or nausea
  • Memory loss, headaches
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Arguments at home or office
  • Cancers, hyperactivity, allergies

HUMAN INFLUENCES Power and telephone lines, transformers, cell and microwave towers, computers, televisions, cell phones and other household appliances. OTHER DIMENSIONAL INFLUENCES Thought forms, energies and entities existing on other levels. Ghostbusting and curses fall under this category.

NEGATIVE ENERGIES Emotional outbursts and arguments leave distorted energy patterns behind that remain until they are cleared. Consider how you can *cut the air with a knife* in a room after there’s been an argument. This is the feeling of negative energy that needs to be cleared.

Who uses my services?

  • Individuals and families with health concerns                                           
  • Homeowners                                         
  • Feng Shui professionals and interior designers
  • Schools and colleges
  • Medical facilities
  • Property development and management companies
  • Realtors and realty offices
  • Financial services and  investment companies
  • Restaurants
  • Dairy farms and horse stables
  • Veterinary offices
  • Film and theater companies
  • Corporate offices
  • Retail businesses

Feel Free to contact Cy for a free consultation at 310-755-5153