Spiritual Energy Healing

More and more people today are confirming the benefits of holistic healing on its own, and in conjunction with traditional medicine. Energy healing is where science, medicine and spirit meet. Each healing is adapted to the individual in each session. My clients’ needs are always personal and we discuss any concerns you may have, respecting traditional medicine and honoring the guidance of your doctor. I also believe that combining energy healing with traditional medicine can help you to heal more quickly with balance and inner peace along the way. I use many energetic as well as alternative technologies that allow the body to heal itself the way it was meant too.

Following the guidance of our higher-selves, energy is sent to very specific places throughout the body where emotion/energy is held or blocked which can ultimately manifest as illness or dis-ease. These blocks can be released using different modalities. Working with alternative technologies is completely non-invasive and promotes healing using your bodies own abilities. These energy healing techniques clear, restructure and balance the chakras and all levels of your auric field, removing the energy blockages and facilitating healing in every aspect of your life. I work in the etheric realm to repair your energetic being, extract or clear stuck energies using light, sound, color and crystal healing as well as working with your physical body to bring about harmony and well being in all your bodies! Our bodies are the most amazing and complex pharmacies on this earth and they can create whatever is needed to repair and heal given the proper energetic environment and motivation.

The Edgar Cayce readings tell us that every cell of our bodies contains a spark of the divine and that healing comes about through the attunement of that cell to its pure essence. For all healing, mental or material, is attuning each atom of the body, each reflex of the brain forces, to the awareness of the divine that lies within each atom, each cell of the body. Edgar Cayce reading 3384-2

Each session is about one hour to one & a half hours long.  My standard fee is $100 per hour and arrangements can be made depending on what services you require. Healing sessions can vary depending on modality so contact me to discuss your options based on your personal needs.

Healing can be done remotely over the phone or skype as well. Payment for distance healing must be received prior to the session and may be mailed or charged via credit card directly by me. Please contact me directly regarding any payment questions.

I offer a free consultation for potential clients where we can discuss my process and how they relate to what you have going on with you and what you would like to heal or transition through in your life.

Contact Me via email at or call me directly at 310-755-5153 to discuss how I can assist you.

Every client needs their own unique approach


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