Working with Ones Energy

We all have one body that we are given for life. It is important to look after it and understand how it works. It houses our soul, expresses our emotions and allows us to live & function in this physical world. It is a very important part of who we are. In this world, most of us perceive only the physical aspect of this body. However, within the physical body we also have an energetic body that needs to be taken care of and considered when looking at the causes of illness.

Cy feels that getting to the root of the problem is paramount. Cy uses intuition and conversations with both spirit and the patient to find out what has caused the patient’s problem. There are many varied causes of illness on many levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental.  The cause of all health problems lies in one of these categories. All physical illnesses occur in the etheric first just as all physical creation occurs in thought first. On can correct the physical with many forms of healing but if the energetic is not corrected as well the physical ailment will most likely return in the future. As we live in a cause-and-effect reality, it makes absolute sense to deal with the problem at the root as well. Once the cause of the problem is found, Cy can then focus on the solution for the both the etheric and physical.


Somebody with a vitamin B deficiency may experience symptoms of depression. Somebody with a vitamin C deficiency may experience low immune system function. This is easily remedied with the correct intake of the appropriate supplement, which will in turn alleviate the symptoms of that particular deficiency. Through the use of kiniesiology, Cy is able to diagnose these deficiencies as well as any food allergies or sensitivities and the correct remedy can be given.

Somebody whose mother has died, even many years previously, may experience a whole range of symptoms such as breathlessness or depression. This is because the trauma of a loved one dying can close one or more chakras, as can illness, shock, etc. These difficult situations or experiences can chock of your life energy flow through your chakras and you can feel off-balance or ungrounded. Cy can clear these energetic blockages reopen the chakras so your energy can flow freely relieving the energetic tensions.

Someone who has had a traumatic or difficult relationship breakup, a divorce or a challenging life experience can have a major impact on ones energetic body or auric field, often energetic cords are still attached or energetic signatures are stored in the body that need to be released so the client can be free to experience their own choices and etheric wholeness. Cy can release these and bring back harmony to your body with grace and ease!

Somebody who has been sexually abused may experience eating disorders, depression, anxiety for example. The auric field and chakras of a victim of abuse, sexual or otherwise, may need to be cleaned and realigned to release the trauma from their physical and energetic bodies. Cy with the help of spirit uses sound healing, crystals, and light to bring bodies back into harmony.

We are vibratory beings of an energetic nature and often attract other people or events based on our vibration that are not healthy for us. Understanding our vibratory nature and raising your vibration to the frequencies of a positive nature will help clients to achieve the goals they want in life. If people focus on lower vibrations and lack believes they may feel less than perfect, these perspectives will have a detrimental effect on your energetic and physical reality but can be released to raise your vibration to one of love and appreciation. Cy can lead you on this journey with grace and ease if you are ready? Even unhealthy believes from childhood can be released as well as past lives or patterns handed down through your family lineage.

Peoples auric fields are generally only 270 degrees instead of 360 as we tend to only focus on what we can see with our vision. This focus leaves our backs with very little energetic field and there are unwanted energetic entities that take advantage of that and may attach themselves to people that are open there often causing disharmony in one energetic body and leading to low energy, tiredness and atypical behavior. Cy can clear these attachments so that you can restore your field and bring yourself back to a healthy energetic vibration.


When Cy is working, often his hands are being controlled by the spirit beings who are working with her. Over the years he has formed a close relationship with his guides and it is now very easy for them to work through him. Although Cy’s personality is still present, it is essentially spirit doing the healing work, he is merely the conduit for spirit and light to come through him facilitating the healing work.

Spirit healing works independently of the client’s spiritual & religious beliefs and is not the same as faith healing. However, the benefits of a positive outlook and openness to the healing process are great. Positive intentions with all energetic work are very powerful and people should not underestimate their own capabilities of thinking in a positive manner. The difference between Seeing is Believing and Believing is Seeing is huge and all clients must believe in order to see the results they would like!

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